WGU and Pluto

First, Pluto!  That icy/rocky world out in the depths of Solar System.  In the comments area, Laurel Kornfeld has posted with Pluto support so I thought I would post the link to her LJ – she is a Pluto supporter with a logical look at the debate.  Which is refreshing because I’ve met (in person!) one or two c-r-a-z-y Pluto supporters.  They are similar to the crazy Pluto non-supporters:

Me:  That Pluto stuff is pretty interesting.


Me:  Well, there’s plenty of debate to support either side.


And that happened to me – IN REAL LIFE ONE TIME.  I may have embellished.

I emailed Dr. Tyson about how much I enjoyed his book.  My favorite part probably stems from my habit of teaching positivity to school groups, which is that he seemed to keep a level head and his sense of humor about his place in the debate.  So I told him and was surprised he emailed me back.  I’m not used to that type of friendliness – and it was an actual email, too.  None of this form letter business.

Anyway, I find it all fascinating.  I have always been a bit interested in Astronomy, more the physical aspect than anything else.  I get a big confused over star charts but love learning about the bodies out there and the general exploration of the Solar System.  It’s exciting that so much has been discovered in the Kuiper Belt and we’re barely scratching the surface.  Too bad schoolin’ made it so boring.  And don’t get me started on physics – the most boring class about interesting (to me) things I have ever taken.

Anyway, there is an update for you, my friends, on WGU.  A professor happened upon this very blog and saw I was unhappy and then sprung into action. She contacted student services and got up in their grill I would assume.  So I got an email from someone to whom I explained my troubles and she was all “I’ll take care of it.”  She answered all my questions and set me up in a matter of two days.  It was pretty sweet.  So, it looks like I’ll be starting March 1st at the ol’ online college.  Finally to begin my trek toward a teaching degree.

Very refreshing week, all told.

1 thought on “WGU and Pluto

  1. Laurel Kornfeld

    Thank you for taking the time to read my posts and provide a link to my blog. I believe it is important for people to hear/read both sides of this ongoing debate. Another way of accomplishing this is googling “The Great Planet Debate,” the web site of a conference held at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab in Laurel, MD in August 2008 that discussed all aspects of planet definition. There are audio and video files from the sessions representing all sides.


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