TNTM: My Name is Bruce

The trailer.

Much to Sam’s dismay I found “My Name is Bruce” on the DVD shelf at Hastings.  Unaware that it existed on DVD already, happiness was mine.  Bruce Campbell is a guilty pleasure of mine and this flick starred Bruce, was produced partly by him, and directed by him.  A triumvirate I felt I would enjoy.  Ted Raimi was also involved with several parts played by him.

Why was this movie made?  Fun.  Obviously a love letter from Bruce to his loyal fans, it involves much of what we expect from him: cheesy one-liners, blood and gore, slapstick humor, and some weird special effects.  Bruce plays himself, but an alternate version.  This Bruce is a drunken jerk, obsessed with himself.  The real Bruce is a pretty down to earth guy who seems to enjoy his place in life.  I sense a bit of frustration in this movie that he still gets stuck with some real clunkers of some movies.  But for all the crap he’s been in, there are a few really decent pictures.

“My Name is Bruce” (MNIB)  accomplishes its mission of providing the loyal fans with a quintessential Bruce movie.  Part of me really enjoyed it.  Another part of me didn’t.  Mainly due to having to watch it with Sam who tries very hard to hide her distaste for bad movies, and partly because I’m somewhat tired of the shtick.  Acting is something I think Bruce is pretty good at.  I’ve seen many of his roles – from the classic “Why are you torturing me like this?” line in Evil Dead to his amazingly solid turn in Bubba Ho-Tep.  It sucks that he isn’t seen as better than B-List.

“MNIB” is almost a coming to terms with that status – more so than his Confessions book.  Despite the plethora of crap he’s been in, Bruce Campbell has an amazingly loyal fanbase.  This is a group of people who will see anything he’s been in.  I should know, I’ve seen “Maniac Cop.”  MNIB is the type of fan service you would never see from Oscar winners and fancy movie stars.  Campbell is someone the nerds of the world really enjoy watching because he’s somewhat one of us.  Vanity makes me think this flick is really his way of saying “You know what, guys?  I’m where I am because of you.  Thanks.”

It’s sounds hackneyed, but really only the true Bruce fans will probably enjoy “MNIB,” but enjoy it they will.  As a Bruce fan, it’s pretty solid stuff.

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