Dream a Little Dream – Food Poisoning!

I have been poisoned!  Salmonella reigns inside my digestive tract at this very moment. Sam, who knows such things, says all I can do is suffer until it passes through and make sure I drink plenty of water.  This is the course of action I have decided to take.  I will also be playing video games.

Last night brought some interesting dreams to me.  I dreamt in third person through some of them, something that is very interesting to me.  Stories of a unique nature are brought to me through dreams and I often forget the particulars of what happened.  A rating is all that exists or me – specifically if it was interesting or not.  Last night’s were neat little things.  I forget to keep a book at the bedside table, as I would like to start recording my dreams somewhat.  Not for therapy, but because they sometimes are quite cool.  There is no zombie movie available to compare to the zombie dreams I have had.  Nightmare isn’t a fitting word or them as I honestly enjoy the rush of them – I usually wake up at the end and enjoy it.  Nightmares for me generally involve Sam leaving me – and it freaks me out for the rest of the day.

Last night I dreamt of a child trying to train to be a free diver.  It was an interesting story that was interupted by my intestines.  In it, there was a villain – a free-diving champion with his own private pool and poorly-treated wife.  “Get me more rocks,” he would say.  “There aren’t enough for me to stay down there.”  He would fetch the rocks.  The child would practice at the local swimming pool and people would watch in wonder.  If not awakened, I think perhaps there would have been a meeting – a head to head competition.  Or maybe the child was the man at a younger age.

Another dream took me to the halls of the school I frequent asleep.  It is a combination of my High School and other buildings and I have been late for classes in it.  I have had trouble finding my locker when I need to get to class – a class I have failed to attend and can’t remember the exact time or room of, but I know the final is today.  Yesternight, I was a teacher.  Walking the halls.  I had a shirt and tie, which is pretty fancy.

Details are not present – except one.  The students in one wing (elementary area) had been doing a massive puzzle and sticking it to the wall.  It stretched down the corridor for several tens of yards, still unfinished, pieces as small as most 1000 piece puzzles.  Fascination was mine due to content:  Beowulf.  The epic poem’s text was in white, grouped in quatrains and couplets from one end to the others, superimposed on illustrations of the events.  It was very cool.

I wonder if such a thing could be constructed?  Yes.  But I am not the one to do it.  I started wondering (now in real life, exhaustion still with me) if I were Beowulf.  Perhaps I am and all of this is a dream forced upon me by Grendel’s mother.  For I have gone much of my life with little knowledge of him, but little snippets creep into my life lately.

But that’s a silly thought.  It might make an interesting vignette, though.

1 thought on “Dream a Little Dream – Food Poisoning!

  1. Jory

    in response to your post: cool dreams man. I’m jealous that you can remember yourn, my mind’s been a sieve lately when I wake up.

    in response to your comment in response to my post: a man’s gotta have bros, man. why, you ask? two reasons, mainly. 1) to play frisbee-related sports with. 2) to jam with. go out and find you some bros, matthew.


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