With Incident

Oh man, it looks like my days stocking shelves will soon be over.  Tragedy strikes the OK Abels every time I am forced to leave the house and stay all night at Wal-Mart.  Sam cannot sleep, the dogs fight, the baby weeps every hour.  If I am home, all is right with the world.  So we will be looking into our options – but luck is on my side and I think the ol’ two weeks notice will be put in very soon.

My free time will be spent doing my favorite thing – stay at home dad.  And, hopefully, working on school.  All that is keeping me from my schooling is money right now, money that my mother will be helping me to secure.  So that’s good.  Other things on my plate:  gardening, cleaning, writing, and geocaching.

It has been a while since I have been able to geocache, but rest assured, that will be changing.  I am working on placing one here in town to drive the folks of Stillwater mad.

I am hoping to get the garden going, although I have to figure out a cheap fencing solution to keep the puppy out.  Did I mention that?  We got a puppy.

Things are looking up.  I will hopefully post more on my blog here when I am done working, too.  Since it kind of messes up my brain.  Working at WM actually makes me less coherent.  Can you believe such a thing is possible?

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