TNTM: Doctor Who

Lately (as I have mentioned) Sam and I have been watching Doctor Who.  The new ones, starting in 2005.  It has been in the back of my mind since the reboot began that it would be a show I would enjoy.  Living in areas that are cable-less prevented me from doing such and it has been a long while since I have thought on it.  A couple friend mentioned that we would enjoy it a few weeks back and so we DVRed it a few weeks back and we really do enjoy it.

The sad business is that it is close to the end of the season on both Sci-Fi and BBC America.  Luckily, our friends own the DVDs so we can get up to speed.  It also helps that Sci-Fi seems to run marathons on the weekends often.  I wish we could count on the three channels that run it (BBCAM, SciFi, and PBS) to be showing different seasons, but that luck is not there.  DVDs will do us.

We finished the first season the other night which stars Christopher Eccleston as The Doctor.  I enjoyed his turn at the part quite a bit, but I like David Tennant a bit more.  Part of the reason is that the newer episodes I have seen are better written – my opinion, yes, but they are.  This is probably due to knowledge of longevity.  When the first season started, I don’t believe they knew they would go past it.  Popularity is a fickle thing.  However, they did set themselves up quite well to do more seasons and I don’t know if my theory really holds true.

Still, Doctor Who!  It is not hard to believe that I haven’t gotten involved as there was nowhere for me to view the old programs while I was growing up.  I will be watching some of the old shows with friends, just to see what they are like, so that will be very interesting.  I greatly enjoy the reboot.  I like that they’ve basically made it continuous with the old show, at least in theory, so they can reference what they wish.

The writing is quite good and it is a serious show while not taking itself too seriously.  The writers are fine with waving away continuity errors with a little “It’s a show about time travel” or giving the Doctor’s sonic screwdriver an ability we didn’t previously know about.  I understand in past series it was a bit of a deus ex machina, but whatever.  It’s playful.

They’ve certainly woven an excellent story throughout this show’s seasons.  With David Tennant ending his time and the eleventh doctor coming up, I wonder how things will go.  I understand they are changing writers or producers or something as well, so it really is a crapshoot.

Something else that also interests me is that The Doctor will soon be on his eleventh generation.  It has been explained in previous episodes that he only gets 12, so in a few years perhaps we will see the end of this Doctor.  How will that happen, I wonder?  It would be interesting if they ended the series and did a full reboot, probably with a lady doctor this time to shake things up a bit.  Who knows?

What I find interesting as well is how many people haven’t seen the show, but how ingrained it really is in everything.  If you do a Google search for “first doctor” through “tenth Doctor” you get Doctor Who wikipedia entries.  I suppose that’s the only time you would use those phrases, but it’s still quite interesting.

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