Old Stuff

Well, I just re-found my old blog.  It is only five posts long and contains part of my Space Pirates epic as well as a poem.  At the time my nom de plume was Edward Grimm.  There is already an Edward Grimm in the writing world, so I will just use my own name.  Even though some of my writing isn’t conducive to educational aspirations or camp work.  I guess I’ll just lie.

Anyway, I thought I would post the poem.  I wrote it on a whim, and it is “okay.”  I think it could be pretty good, actually, if I bothered with some love and care for it.

Power Outage

What can we do when the power is gone?
The lights are all out and the TV’s not on.
I guess we’ll have to venture outside!
The last guy who did that? I hear that he died!

What shall we do outside the back door?
There’s a strange smell I smell I’ve not smelled before.
Is it carpet? Or curtains? Coffee or Cooking?
I have no idea, so we’ll have to keep looking.

There’s a rope on a branch over in those trees;
We’ll run and we’ll swing if we grab hard with our knees!
I can touch the sky if I just reach hard enough
I’ll grab a piece of that cloud and hold onto the fluff.

We’ll run around out here, we’ll jump over creeks.
That’s practice; we’ll tackle lakes in two weeks.
I’ll pick up a turtle; you can grab the crayfish.
Yuck; I found an old wishbone. Let’s make a wish!

I wish for the day to go on without end.
I’ll outrun the darkness as it comes round the bend.
But wait! It settles slowly I can still see my hand.
I can still see some trees in a faraway land.

Mom’s face is near here and her cheeks are bright red.
She wants us indoors to get ready for bed.
Wash the grass from our hands and the dirt from our faces
And put on our pajamas and get into our places.

We’ll turn off the light – the power’s back on?
That’s weird, just how long were we gone?
There were shows to be watched! How could we miss them?
We’ll catch them tomorrow, we have to! We got to!

We’ll see a dozen cartoons and game shows!
I can’t believe we wasted time to go out and play!


We’ll have to take time off to practice our jumping.
We don’t want to lose all our skill for these things.
There’s a lake to be jumped! And a frog to be caught!
And we need to make use of the kites that we bought!

I guess time should be taken to swing on the rope.
And we can’t forget there’s a tree to climb up!
So much work to be done, well we’ll not whine a peep.
We’ll postpone TV until right before…we…

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