Obama’s Blackberry

Can you believe the hype that the Secret Service doesn’t want Obama to keep his Blackberry?  I haven’t even heard why.  I suppose I will Google it later, but man, let the man be.  Why wouldn’t we want him to have one?  What a great plan.  He can address book all the important phone numbers and call foreign leaders.

“Yo, Sarkozy!”

“Le Obama!”

“You want to catch a trans-atlantic, come on over.  I just got Punch Out for my Wii, dude.”

“Oui, oui.  I’ll bring le ladies.”

“Naw, man.  Michelle hates when you try to be a player.”

“Whatever, le dude.  Should I pick up Jimmy?”

“Yeah.  Whatever.  I’ll get the kitchen to whip up some Bagel Bites.

And so on.

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