Demon Santa

The Following is not for the faint of heart.  Those of you with weak dispositions should probably look away.  Several days ago, my parents and wife and child were antiquing.  It’s about the same thing as archaeology, and if Hollywood has taught me anything about archaeology, its that danger lurks around every corner.

This makes the following less of a surprise and more of a fitting find.


If you’re brave, click the thumbnail for a larger view.

That little demon will run the brave around $65.00.  I can only assume the street value to be so high because the owners know only serious patrons would have the requisite grimoires and necrinomicons necessary to contain his soul-eating powers.  Seriously, what were they thinking when they carved this from one of Satan’s horns?

It was the find of the day.  I can only imagine some unsuspecting person buying that and setting it by the fireplace only to wake up to find the cat missing and the bloodstained collar at Santa’s feet.  All the stockings on Christmas morn containing actual feet instead of oranges and candy.  And then waking up in an untouched bed surrounded by the charred remains of a once beautiful house, the remains of the family nowhere to be found as they’ve been transported full-bodily to Hell.

If I had a nickel.

They could at least blindfold this thing.  A grandmother might see it and keel over after making eye contact.  Antiquing is not for the faint of heart.

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