He’s Here!

Baby Zachary has arrived.  It all started yesterday around 5am.  Sam started having some serious contrtractions.  But they were only about fifteen minutes apart.  When I woke up at 7 we went for a walk.  They kept going.  Around five, they got really hard and got closer together,  so it was off to the hospital!  We were both sure they would go away and the nurses would send us home.  But Sam was dilated to around 7cm so they kept us.  In fact, she progressed so quickly there was no time for the epidural.


Our doctor is out of town right now, so we had a substitute.  He was a Japanese fellow who was very nice and seemed genuinely excited for us.  He broke Sam’s water for her – it probably would have on its’ own shortly.  And around 1130pm, Sam started the serious pushing.  After two cycles, you could see the head.  I was crying with Sam as she pushed a couple more times and Zachary came out looking perfect.  I cut the cord and he was off for footprinting and a bath.  Sam had a little fixing up to go through, which she seemed to enjoy less than childbirth.

I sat and held Zachary for a little bit and sang him some Beatles songs.  He seemed to like them.

Right now, we are still at the hospital.  We will probably be there until Monday morning.  Sam is positive for Group B Strep, so we have to make sure he stays healthy and good.  The nurses seem to think he’s very healthy, so we aren’t very worried.  He has ten fingers, ten toes, and all that.

So, now I am a Dad.  It is very cool.  Seeing him born was amazing.  Now, I don’t have to worry about the pregnancy or birth.  Just the baby.  Holy Cow.

1 thought on “He’s Here!

  1. Lauren Biksacky

    a. I did not know you had a blog
    b. I did not know you had a baby!

    Congrats on part b!
    I’m so happy for you.
    Daddy Matthew…can I call you that now?

    Is there away you can add my email address to some part of your blog so that when it updates it will be sent directly to my mailbox? Next time you have a baby I want to be the first who knows!

    (add it)
    and congrats


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