Half-Life 2 Is Still Awesome, so is Batman

And I’m playing Episode 2 right now.  This game is just excellent – not that that’s news.  Any hardcore gamer is probably saying “duh” right now.  But if you’ve not picked up the Orange Box yet, you should.  At least, if you enjoy games.

I’m at the end of Episode 2 right now and it is incredibly hard.  One must shoot explosive balls of death at giant spindly legged tanks equipped with high powered machine guns and destructo-beams, while at the same time being attacked by spider merchants of human-sized death.  And drive a Dodge Charger.

The Dark Knight is on DVD!  Alas, my purchase is delayed somewhat by my poorhood, but I will be purchasing that particular flick.  I am fairly excited.

There’s a few people I know who don’t like TDK, which is fine with me.  Dad thought it was too long, which is understandable.  It is pretty long, but I really felt it was as long as it needed to be.  There wasn’t much I thought could be cut.  What drives me crazy is the folks who feel the need to pick it apart.  I get it – you didn’t like it.  It’s like they feel left out by the rest of us loving it and so they have to call it stupid instead of just chillin’ out.

It’s those people who come up with plot holes and complaints and such.  I read a recent article talking about the Joker’s murder in the jail plot.  Basically, it said that for what happened in the movie to happen, everything had to happen exactly as it happened.  Obviously.  It doesn’t take into account the concept of Plan Bs and the Joker’s general insanity.

ANYway, the author seems to think the Joker had to be in the jail in order for that guy with the cell phone in his gut to blow up.  You know.  Because there’s no phones outside of the police department in Gotham City.

I also don’t understand people wondering how the Joker got the boats and hospital rigged with explosives.  They seem to think this one skinny dude did it all himself, neglecting one important fact about all good villains.  Henchman.  The dude had henchmen galore.  He had the mob backing him up.


But that’s as maybe.  I loved the flick and can’t wait to see it again.  I can’t believe I didn’t see it more than once in the theater.

Sam and I watched half of Star Trek 6 today.  Half because the disc kept skipping and freezing.  The ending was pretty screwed.

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