And In Today’s Reading…

I was reading friend Jory’s blog today and greatly enjoyed.  Jory’s got deepness to him, just like the ocean.  heh heh.  And it got me thinking on what I have been reading lately.

Well, I have been reading Kerouac.  Previously, I discussed I was reading On The Road for what must be the tenth time and I enjoyed it just as much as in years past.  I am now reading the original draft.  Original “scroll” is how it is best known.  Kerouac wrote it in three weeks on eight long sheets of tracing paper which were taped together either after or prior – its unknown which right now.  He had outlined and written up bits of the tale prior to the great typefest, but it’s a very interesting bit of mythos.

And the scroll version is terrific.  As a big fan of the original, I wasn’t sure what would come from the scroll.  Sometimes there’s no need for a director’s cut, you know?  But the scroll is very good. The words pour forth with no paragraph breaks and pull you into the story as Kerouac zips along.  There’s not much for me to describe – that I can describe.

I also find it interesting that the tale takes place in the late 40s, but could easily be transported to the here and now.  Certain things are different and certain things wouldn’t happen exactly so, but the thoughts of Kerouac echo many people I know and love.  His tales of lost love burn my soul to pieces every time and his candidness drops my jaw once in a while.  He was ahead of his time, certainly.

What else?  Well, in the bathroom, I have been reading The Te of Piglet.  It is the sequel to The Tao of Pooh, both which explain Taoist principles quite well and have been put to use in college-level courses more than once.  Greatly recommend to anyone interested in Taoism.  They are a great entry point to that way of thinking.

They make me Imagine in the John Lennon sense of the world.  The theory of living for the day and enjoying things as they are isn’t perfectly puzzle-pieced to Taoism, but they are close.  Imagine all those things John talks about, and it would a pretty good thing.

The baby remains inside the womb, much to my anguish for I must go to work this evening.  My weekend is over.  Work gelatinizes my mind so thinking becomes even more difficult.  I despise it.

People ask us often if we will be having another baby and the answer is certainly “nay.”  I will probably be getting the big snip after, but we will be waiting a little while to make sure the baby is healthy.  Adoption is our option.  People tell us we are crazy sometimes, which I generally get offended by.

There’s plenty of healthy kids around who need homes and parents.  If someone honestly can say they couldn’t love an adopted child as much as a regular child, I say that’s pretty damn sad.  The past few years have taught me quite well that the only way we’re going to make it is if we all give all children love and guidance.  Most kids I’ve come in contact with I’ve been somewhat of a mentor to.  It takes a village, you see.

The problem stems from people vying for their personal moral systems to be the one taught to the children.  I certainly don’t know if mine is the best one.  But I find little logical fault in teaching kids to be Caring, Responsible, Respectful, and Honest.  Generally teaching kids not to make other kids into victims seems to work.  And forgiveness is a big thing on my plate.

Teaching to hate and respond with anger is no good, in my moral system.  I lose my temper at times and try to justify it, but in the end it does no good to anyone.

Another problem is that many people just don’t know how to work with kids.  This includes several parents I’ve met.  They seem to view kids as pets or possesions, when a child is really a responsibility and privilege.  I meet people who were genuinely shocked to find they enjoyed having kids.  They didn’t realize it before?

Anyway, I don’t really know what my point is.  But I am pretty excited to be a dad.  And I’m going to be good at it, I think, regardless of the kids’ genes.

1 thought on “And In Today’s Reading…

  1. Jory

    adoption is the way to go, as far as I’m concerned. I couldn’t agree more with the sentiments you expressed. I also am met by strange looks when I express similar ideas about there generally being a lot of kids in need on this planet as it is.

    oh, how I look forward to my colony of little free-thinkers…


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