Frankenstein Takes The Cake

Recently through UPS I received Adam Rex’s latest book Frankstein Takes the Cake. It is a sequel to his previous offering Frankenstein Makes a Sandwich.

For my money, I would say that “Sandwich” is the better of the two.  “Cake” really loses its punch because you get the feeling we’ve been here before.  We’ve seen these humorous rythmes about monsters and such and Rex seems to have put the best stuff in the first book.  There are still some gems to be sure.  My favorite is the series of Kaiju Haikus (Kaiju being the term for Japanese movie Monsters).  But overall, “Cake” is just a fun little book.

I can’t really see any harm in another poetry book about monsters.  Rex does the illustrating as well and does a fine job with it.  The pictures have their own unique style.  The layout and color design help set the tone of the book.  I really like monsters, which is a plus as a reader.

My favorite part of “Cake” is the blog of the Headless Horseman.  The poor guy just can’t catch a break.

What strikes me about this book is that it doesn’t seem like Rex is having as much fun as in “Sandwich.”  That book was crazy with little hidden poems and secret jokes you might only get with a knowledge of monstery.  “Cake” has bigger words and a few more obscure beasts join the fold.  I feel like it’s a stretch.  But there is a shortage of monster poetry on the market shelves today, so I will be quiet.

You can spot Adam Rex at his homepage >

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