Kindred Spirits

It’s a website!  A website about the plague on our nation.  Rubber shoes called “Crocs.”  Now, this seems mainly to be a fashion-based argument and very few people would be willing to argue that they are anything other than ugly.  But my dislike of Crocs stems from different sources.  Mainly, working at camp.

At camp, we like the kids to wear “Adventure Shoes.”  Sneakers fit the bill best.  Shoes you can run and climb and do just about anything in.  Without fail, a few parents each summer send their child with a pair of flip flops and a pair of Crocs.  And nothing else.

Crocs were not developed for hardcore games of capture the flag, of that I am certain.  But these poor kids race around in them and wonder later why all their toenails have turned black.  They certainly seem to be excellent water shoes, but serve little other purpose.

I understand, too, that they are anti-bacterial in some magic way.  When you first buy them, perhaps.  They have a nice smooth surface bacteria would have a difficulty adhering to.  The last time I checked, though, athlete’s foot was a yeast.  Gross!  One little scratch on the inner surface of these shoes and you’ve got a factory for foot fungus.  Since socks with Crocs is an even worse sin than socks with sandals, it’s only a matter of time before everyone who paid for these things has an infection of epic proportions.

If not for what I consider an expensive tag, I would buy a pair and try them out.  The “it’s comfortable” tagline seems suspect to me.  As mentioned by other folks, they seem to stick to the sole of the foot and give you a weird “Croc walk.”  That doesn’t sound comfortable.  It sounds Uncomfortable.

Well, now I have a place I can go to read other people’s thoughts.  It is strange that footwear could unite us all.

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