Cranky Old Man: Music these days.

I enjoy music.  Not many people do.  This comment will no doubt be the source of much angst.  But I hold that within the realm of this post, I am the only one correct.  My opinion counts for much more with me because it is mine.

The problem:  People say they like music but do not really.  Most people do two things:  They constantly have music playing.  It keeps on going no matter what.  It relegated to the background, ignored.  Occasionally it will be forced to the forefront by an individual who loves a certain song.  We are forced to be quiet so they can hear it, or sing along.

Those people do seem to enjoy music quite a lot.  But the actual music doesn’t seem to matter that much.  It becomes noise all too often.

Other people use music as veneer.  It is so loud that nothing else can be done.  The sound fills in all the cracks of silence and thought and doesn’t allow real appreciation.

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