Final April Poem and Thoughts

From Poetic Asides:

The End

And when the end rolls around
We shall be found ready.
It will surprise us
but not frighten us
for we shall look back
on life
well spent.
Every door opened
at least looked into,
every ring grabbed
every life touched
and we will be happy
with life.

The prompt was a finish.  The idea now is to finally edit these poems.  But do I want to?  I really don’t.  I did this mainly to exercise my creativity everyday.  What this challenge has done is more than that.  I have written far more this April than I have for a long time.  I have worked on different projects.  So often, I wrap myself up in one thing and then forget.  I am now working on four different projects, all of which I feel have legs.

At least, that’s what my scientific polls tell me.  They consist of Christofski or Sam hearing my idea.  They usually say “that’s cool.”  It’s very scientific.

What I have also done is update this website everyday.  Most of the days consist of my silly poems, but others – oh others are so much more.  I am reaching a point where I am constructing essays for people to read.  I am wondering how to improve them.  Things are being done that are realizing my writing dream.

And that is pretty damn cool.

Here’s to April.  I hope the flowers of May are just as sweet.

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