Earth Day & April Poem #22

I suppose we all know it’s earth day.  Earth Day.

Nature Poem

The wind whispers through the trees
as I crunch the twigs on the trail.
Standing upright, my eyes at the sky
Colors bright and vibrant.
Grendel (the canine) runs ahead
A smell too keen to ignore
as he sniffs and lets me pass
and he runs to catch up.
We are alone

Earth Day was started by Senator Gaylord Nelson in the sixties.  It was for us to celebrate the earth and promote ways to care for it.  I am surprised there isn’t more buzz considering the climate change debate going on in the world.  By buzz, I mean celebrity specials.

Every big day in this world of ours seems to illicit a special on TV.  Either a Christmas, Easter, or Halloween Special.  There’s some sort of celebrity spectacular involving musical acts and fast cuts to the President laughing and applauding.

Where’s the Earth Day Special?  I suppose such an event would seem counter-productive, considering all the resources that would go into such a thing.  I feel I must protest the lack, though.

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