April Poem #19 and State of the Blog/What’s the Book?

I Swear You Did It

Up from bed
Where is it?
The door
The door opens
and the barn door opens
and it splashes
upon the
The toilet?
I don’t know what I’m doing,
this is the bathroom, right?
To bed again.

Blog is a silly word.  I wish there were a better word for online journals with that same shortness.  Anyway, I have made it through almost all of the April Poetry Challenge at Poetic Asides. There is quite a community forming, which I am not a part of.  Serious poetry is not my style.  There are several very good poems being written.  I am just doing my best there.

I have posted on this blog almost every day for about two months!  That is a long time to keep doing something.  It has been fun, and also nice to have regular reader(s).  Yes, people I went to school with count!  I suppose it helps to actually update with real things.

I think I had said, but if I didn’t, I submitted a story to Glimmer Train last week.  It has gone through numerous critiquing and is as clean as I think it will ever be.  I love the story and I have been writing it since High School.  Strange that it remains under 2000 words.  But what can one do?

Reading right now:  Two bread cookbooks, Interview with the Vampire, an annotated copy of HP Lovecraft stories, and a book of Flannery O’Connor stories.  I just finished with Peter and the Secret of Rundoon, which was very good and I will no doubt post my thoughts in a seperate spot.

Work continues on Attack of the Space Pirates.  Yesterday saw the encyclopedia entry for the history of SPACE (Sentient and Peaceful Association of Cosmic Entities) as well as varous other things.  It is a very silly and fun book to work on.  For instance, the currency of SPACE is the speso (spay-so) which cracks me up every time.

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