Cthulu is greasy.
Cthulu smells poor.
If Cthulu is startled
He pees on the floor.
Uncle Grimm will yell
at the top of his lungs:
“Boy, grab a mop!
Your beast has begun
to filth up the house!
Get him outside!”

Then, young Jimmy and Cthulu will go out and hide
and play seek the other amongst nettles and thorns,
Tall creepy trees, and little fly traps
which nibble at knees.

Cthulu is cuddly.
Cthulu is small.
Compared to Cthulu, Ded Jimmy’s quite tall.
Best friends they are, quite emphasizing
The best pets are those who enjoy terrorizing.

For the previous poem posted, see: Ded Jimmy Gets a Haircut

1 thought on “Cthulu

  1. Cliff Burns

    Nice to see someone posting on the Old Gods (in a rather unique and creative manner, I may add). Just finished writing a novel (posted on my site) that is an homage to Lovecraft, Raymond Chandler and Val Lewton (now THERE’S a combination).

    Fun post, thanks…


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