Mad Ramblings

It’s been a while since I posted anything substantial.  I’ve been very good about the poetry everyday, but those are swift and take little thought.  I thought about posting things I’m working on, which I still might, but I don’t want to get into too much detail.  I have started roughs for two short stories, two books, and two screenplays.  The hardest part is sitting down and working on them.

I am trying to sort out my Fall schedule for school, which just seems to be a bigger and bigger headache.  Sometimes I feel like getting my teaching certification is giving up on writing.  Perhaps it is.  But I feel part of me fighting back and focussing on my writing more.  The problem is action.  There is no action.

I like to write in the morning, but it seems like there are a million other things to do.  The dogs need feeding, showers need be taken, coffee made, breakfast, lunch packed… that’s the idea.  I don’t want to get up earlier as I am already quite sleepy upon arisal.  But something must be done.

At least on epart of my million-point plan for self-improvement is working.  I am swimming much better than I used to.  It has always been an unspoken goal of mine to be a better swimmer.  I have been going to the pool.  Wednesday last, I met a lady named Evette who runs the swim clinic on Mondays and Wednesdays.  I am meeting with her until next Wednesday.  It is only four sessions, but after yesterday I already feel much more confident in the water.  She has helped me float, which I don’t do.  I have a much better crawl and we are working on my breast stroke.

I have not been running or biking as much, but I will certainly be trying to do so.  Swimming takes a lot out of you.

The whole teaching thing is very frustrating.  Oklahoma has “high standards” for teachers.  What I am fast discovering is that every state has “high standards” for teachers, which apparently just means “their own” standards.  Having worked with teachers from OK, AK, and MI, I would have to say I see little difference.  The ones in AK were far too easy on the students, but it was a high school that had a corrupt administration.  What can one do?  Oklahoma’s standards, at least at OSU, are just set up so after graduating, it is extremely hard to get a teaching certification.

This is bad.

The best teachers I witnessed at camp, the ones with the best repoire with students and the best peer-comments were teachers who had switched from a previous career.  Going into teaching straight into college isn’t a great thing.  There are far too many things to still be learned about life.

Straight to college is a bad plan, anyway.  It would be nice if all of us could have afforded a year of travel and learning abroad before starting a formal education.  It would really help us all out.  Studying abroad shouldn’t be a perk.  It should be required.  As should foreign language.  In grade school.

I have to go to school.

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