I went swimming today.  The OSU locker room is the typical maze I’ve come to expect from my locker rooms.  What surprised me was instead of solely community showers there were also individual stalls.  That’s crazy to me.

It’s been kind of a macho thing from my experience to be able to walk naked amongst other naked dudes.  Don’t ask me why.  It has something to do with something, I don’t know.  Which is why I found it weird.  People think normal gyms are high machismo, they are nothing compared to a college rec center.  You never see fatties there – except for me.

I bring this up because as I thought about it, the more I became disgusted by the individual shower stalls.  Why?  Pee.

It is common knowledge for many that men will pee anywhere.  ANYWHERE.  It’s part of our birthright as males and the one thing that makes us still feel wholly manly.  Yes, the braver of ladies will do the same.  Yes, that is also impressive.  But men are never nervous to pee off of things, on things, and in things.  Including showers.

No one dares pee in a shower and tell the tale.  People see that.  It’s disgusting to share a community shower and see a pee-er.  That kind of thing gets you kicked out – remember George Costanza’s ostracization upon being known as the shower pee-er.

When you let people have their own stall, they are going to pee in there.  They will lie so you can’t prove it, but I would bet a million dollars every man who has showered in one of those stalls let it flow.  I am not going to use them.

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