Off My Chest

I’d like to talk to all you old people out there.  I enjoy your long stories.  Several are quite entertaining.  But something bothers me.

Programming VCRs.  First of all, complaining that you cannot program a VCR is not funny.  VCRs are things unused by most.  Many youngish folks will say “What’s that?” to your attempt at humor.

Of course, VCRs have been around for over twenty years.  If you still can’t program one, one of two things is true.

1)  You never bothered to learn.
2)  You are an idiot.

If your lack of VCR knowledge is purposeful because you are a hater of all things techie, I first wonder how you are reading this.  Aside from that, I have no problem.  You probably aren’t the sort to make jokes.  If you just haven’t tried, you are an idiot.  You put the tape in.  You press play.

That’s the button with the triangle.

If you can’t use a DVD player, you’re really in need of help.  There are people in retirement homes playing the Wii, and you can’t use a simple arrow/button combo.  I have no sympathy.

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